Fujifilm has come up an amazing all-new camera system X-Pro1 with brand new lenses and latest 16 MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS sensors. It has other interesting features like hybrid electronic/optical viewfinder with dual magnification, EXR Processor pro image processor, and brand new color filter array, analogue dials for exposure compensation and shutter speed.  Companies continue to offer accessories for their digital cameras which are compatible with other brands. This in turn, makes them user friendly for buyers. The performance, warranties and customer service of branded digital cameras have a direct impact on its popularity among its customers.

This camera target high-end customers and is priced very high at $1,699.99 with each lens separately costing around 600 dollars or more. It also completely electronic X lens mounts with flange to sensor distance of 17.7 mm. There are 3 “XF” lenses introduced for this camera which include XF 60 mm with F2.4R macro, 35 mm lens with F1.4 R and 18mm lens with F2 R. The rear panel control layout has been revamped and it has got new tabbed menu system and On-screen ‘Q’ control panel. The 3 inch LCD display is very good for playback of pictures and videos.

The new X-Pro1 is more of improved version of X100 from Fujifilm and has same analogue control with some changes in design. The 16MP APS-C “X-Trans CMOS” sensor from Fujifilm along with traditional color filter array guarantees crystal-clear and sharp images. The main advantage of X-Trans sensor is that it can generate randomized colors by repeating RGB color pattern and pixels are very accurate. It has a focal-plane shutter with maximum shutter speed of 1/4000 seconds.

X-Pro1 comes with all-new electronic lens mount named the X-Mount and three different categories of XF lenses are released one for wide angle, one for normal and one for Macro Telephoto. One of the interesting features of XPro1 is the hybrid viewfinder which can be used both in electronic and optical mode as tunnel viewfinder. The X-Pro1 assists in making the process easier with companion LCD that indicates while focus is locked. The 3 inch LCD display which boasts very high pixel density is crisp and bright with excellent viewing angles. The display is much sharper when compared to other dSLR cameras.

The dynamic range is one drawback with camera and while shooting a too-dark subject or too-bright background like blue sky, you will observe the background becomes completely white and is blown out. The battery life is pretty decent shoot up fifteen minutes of videos and 800 pictures with fully charged battery. The cost of the Fujifilm X-Pro1 is 1,699.99 USD for body alone and each XF lens can cost up to 600 dollars or more which makes it quite expensive compared to other mid-range dSLRs like Nikon D7000 and Canon’s EOS 7D.


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