Adjustable Nonstick Hamburger Press

Here we have a great Non-Stick Single Hamburger Press that can make adjustable burgers to give you the thickness you desire. Simply spin the top knob to the thickness that you want, place any ground meat on the patty forming tray, close lid and press down to compact the meat.  Make fast, perfect hamburgers every time and it’s non-stick coding make things go even faster, as it just pops right out of the hamburger mold and ready for the next one.  If you are any type of hamburger fan and hate the frozen thin patties on the market today, this hamburger press is a sure buy…

Hamburger Press Highlights:

  • This is the fastest, easiest way to make hamburger patties
  • It creates a perfect, uniform patty every time.
  • Simply place ground meat on a restaurant-grade paper sheet in the press. Put another sheet of paper on top, and press down firmly.
  • Patty weights conveniently marked to keep your patties the same size, every time!

Find your Hamburger Press here: Harold Import Non-Stick Single Hamburger Press

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