Urbio Vertical Modular Magnetic Wall Storage

Urbio is a great vertical wall storage product that brings the the old ugly pegboard to the modern day world.  Urbio basically a visually appealing magnetic wall system that allows you to organize or show off items in a vertical fashion and quickly move them to and from your work space.

The vertical wall obviously gives you a space saving solution that makes usable wall space of your wall surface area. The magnets, in the different shaped and sized products, use large neodymium magnets that hold a good deal of weight, while also being easy to remove and customization for different looks.  Urbio is also modular, giving you the look and feel that you want on the wall and allowing you to grow your modular system over time.

Overall,  Urbio’s vertical wall storage system is a great concept that brings functional and beauty together.

Find your Vertical Storage Wall here: Urbio

See Urbio in action below:

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