Menu Baggy Wine Coat

Turn the common box wine into an exclusive, well dressed, designer wine purse.  Menu has developed a Baggy Wine Coat that brings the hidden box wine to the dining room table.

Box wines have been popular for some time now because its usually a cheaper, easy to transport, no mess or fuss wine.  But, it’s usally stored away, unseen because it doesn’t have the glamorous look and feel of a nice wine.  Taste is not relevant here.  It’s all about presentation with the wine purse.  Simply take the wine bag out of the cardboard box and place it in the Baggy Wine Coat.  They even left a little room for ice packs to keep the wine cool during transport and out for bar use.  It’s made of a sturdy cloth and has a black rubber base so it stands upright.  Also included is a rubber carrying strap that makes it even more like a wine purse.

Available in black or whit, all of which have a black rubber base and handle.

Find you wine purse here: Menu Baggy Winecoat

See the Menu Baggy Wine Coat in action below:

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