The Pedal Pub

What do you get when you cross a surrey cart with a bar?  The Pedal Pub of course…  Get that new business on the road and have the best summer bar at the boardwalk this year!  The Pedal Pub accommodates up to 17 people who can pedal, serve, drive, and call attention to themselves.  With five pedal seats per side, a bench in the rear and two additional seats for five other passengers. Then we have the driver and a bartender. But, the most important passenger is the empty wine barrel that accommodates a keg of your favorite or best selling brew.  It even comes with a  sound system with four speakers in the bar’s overhead storage racks.  Now, if your friends or customers get a little to tipsy… well, you can just pedal them home 🙂

Get your mobile pub here: The Pedal Pub

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