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Cosmetic surgery is practiced since long ago and it is the new mantra to make oneself look perfect. Modern cosmetic surgery has taken new heights encompassing technological development and gaining popularity. This is believable and adaptable. Improvement in modern cosmetic technologies has made cosmetic surgery less time consuming, painless, safe and affordable.

Patients aren’t satisfied, and they are now after surgery to look even better. You definitely want your surgery to be a success and the surgeon should be cosmetically tech savvy. Medical industry is working hard to find the fastest, reliable and affordable treatments.

With technological advancement surgeries are trouble free and follow effortless surgical procedures. Some of the latest technology are VASER Liposuction, Laser technology beautifying and give perfect shape and features to body, 3D printing or even laser marking technology are used in modification of body structures and they do the needful of eliminating problems looked insurmountable few years back.

Let us see some of the modern techniques which are actively used in the cosmetic surgeries today:

3D Printing:

This is another breakthrough of modern technology. Medical industry was the first to adopt 3D Printing.  Bio-printing is the new talk of the medical sciences. Printing of the living cells in hydrogel that fabricates precisely shaped living tissue. Already cartilage and bone has been printed. Now the researches are developing techniques of printing parts functioning such as heart valves, spinal disks. It is expected the developments would allow surgeons to print whole organs functioning that would allow to get unique body shape & blood type.

Laser Marking Technology:

This technology is widely accepted by cosmetic surgeons and patients. It is quality oriented and reliable with the results are assured. Till now laser markings were employed only in stainless steel surgical & dental instruments. The marking were done on plain surface that prevented germs from sticking the surface. Anti-corrosive coating prevents any corrosion or damage. After prolonged working and sterilizing, these instruments are still new and ready to work upon. Surgical instruments are also employed in bone screws, bone plates, hips, artificial joints.

Computer assisted- Imaging Technology:

This technology uses computer aided system to assist doctors in medical procedures like interpretation of medical- images, ultrasound diagnostics. Computer assisted imaging technology is very useful in getting images of the effected organs, this help in better diagnosis and treatment.

VASER Liposuction Technology:

This liposuction technology uses ultrasound to get the desired result. This method is invasive, precise, effective and affordable as compared to traditional liposuction method. This gentle technology is safe and very precise, and it is trusted by a large number of patients. This technology helps in removing unwanted fat from thighs, calves, hips, love handles, neck, back, chin, and knees. This kind of liposuction is widely accepted in America to change gently and safely the shape of the body. This technology helps patients to remove fat and have a perfect body.

Laser Technology:

This technology can also be referred as beauty technology as this helps in enhancing the beauty of a person. This technology is used for skin rejuvenation, removal of vascular lesions, hair reduction. Photo facial technology is good for removing skin imperfections. StarLux500™ is the new technology for treating sunspots or aging signs, vascular lesions like superficial red, blue or purple veins. Pulsed light technology helps you to remove unwanted body hair, and you can permanently get rid of those.

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