Portable Mosquito Repeller

With this crazy rainy weather on the east coast, the mosquito population is through the roof!  Using this Portable Mosquito Repeller at the outdoor diner table will keep them away to help you enjoy your food instead of the mosquito’s enjoying you as food.  The mosquito repeller gadget is no bigger than a beer can and being cordless, it can go and be setup just about anywhere.  Using the included scented cartridge, the portable mosquito repeller discharges a safe floral scent of geranium, peppermint and lemongrass that naturally repel mosquitoes and gnats.  Using two AA batteries and 18 hours of run time, you’ll get a radius of up to 15 feet mosquito free life.  Isn’t everyone itching to get one?

Find your Portable Mosquito Repeller here: The Portable Tabletop Mosquito Repeller

Find Portable Mosquito Repeller refill cartridges here: Additional Cartridges

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