mobile phones for gamblingWith the emergence of mobile casino sites offering casino games apps designed for downloading to a mobile phone, it has become more important than ever that the latest models of these devices provide a high quality gambling experience. Fortunately many mobile phone manufacturers have been rising to this challenge with their latest models. One such phone is the Galaxy S4 from Samsung, which boasts a number of real advantages for mobile casino gaming, including a large HD screen (5 inches), ensuring that there are no issues with being able to see the information needed to play casino games effectively.

The S4 is also a very powerful phone, thanks to its quad-core, rather than dual-core, processor, which is also essential as the high end graphics increasingly being deployed in mobile casino games use a lot of power and memory. You have a choice of either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 or the Exynos 5 Octa processor with this phone. The Galaxy S4 is not the only great phone for casino gambling in 2013 though, as the HTC One matches it in most respects, including the powerful Snapdragon 600 processor. Admittedly the screen is a little smaller, although at 4.7 inches, it is still sizeable enough – and the HD 468ppi resolution is outstanding in terms of both clarity and colour contrast.


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One is also a fast phone, which is another major plus point when it comes to downloading and playing at the best casinos online at or any other sort of high intensity app. The combination of the 1.7GHz processor and the 2GB RAM memory ensures that you will not find many faster smartphones on the market just now. The HTC One may be slightly below the Galaxy S4 when it comes to the best mobile phone for gambling, but either of these options would be excellent choices for anyone considering playing mobile casino games.

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  1. Akash Arora says:

    Galaxy S2 for gaming ? Yes, if you want it to double up as a hand warmer and don’t mind it finishing off your battery in no time. GP Story is particuarly good if you have cold hands, I’ve never experienced so much heat generated from an electronics product.

    I’ve owned one for 6 months now and can’t stand it. Searching around for good battery saving apps and switching absolutely everything down when I’m not using it at that precise moment is not my idea of a good user experience.

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