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The childhood days of placing your little ones on your shoulders are great memories you will cherish forever.  Kids loving riding up high and feeling big but, it does take a toll on mommy or daddy after some time and, with safety a concern, you must hold on tight.  This means your hands are busy holding the child and you can’t do much else.  The SaddleBaby Shoulder Child Carrier brings a better solution.

SaddleBaby allows for a much safer shoulder ride that uses commercial grade Velcro and belts to secure your child’s ankles and buttox right to your body. This allows your hands and arms to be free to do other things like pushing a stroller, drinking water, or even taking that all important selfie.   The cushioned seat provides a comfortable and stable chair for the little one, while keeping him or her upright.  This will help relieve the stress on your shoulders and lower! 

Take the SaddleBaby from anything to the slow boardwalk stroll or the long days at Disney.  Whatever you travels might bring, the SaddleBaby child carrier will give you the peace of mind you need with your little ones, making those precious memories even better!

Find you child carrier here: Saddlebaby Baby Shoulder Carrier with Ankle Straps and Cushioned Seat, The Original


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