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There is a school of thought that believes that technology should be banned from the bedroom, claiming that it affects sleeping patterns and even people’s sex lives. But for most of us, the bedroom is not just somewhere we sleep, but somewhere we retreat to, to relax and be entertained.

Essential bedroom tech

For the majority of people who have to get up and go to work five days a week, an alarm clock is not a useful item, but rather a very necessary one. Old-fashioned alarm clocks have a certain retro charm, but serve only one function – telling the time and making a noise about it. A digital alarm clock is often also a radio, providing the user with listening access to local radio stations. Several different alarms can be set, including ones for weekdays and weekends, and using both conventional alarm tones, or tuning into a specific radio station.

Unnecessary but desirable bedroom tech

Many people choose to have a television in their bedroom, in order to enjoy late night movies, or to watch the news in the morning from the comfort of their bed. The size of the television will depend on how discrete they want it to be, and it will often not treat it with the same attention it would receive in a living room. However, for those who wish to preserve the sanctity of the bedroom, but who still enjoy watching TV in bed, there are other options available to them. One such option is to purchase a bed stand with a TV built into the framework, and which at a press of a button on the remote, lowers the TV back into the bed frame, keeping it hidden when not in use.

An obvious accompaniment to the TV is a DVD player or even a Blu-Ray player, although with the arrival of Smart TVs and the increasing popularity of streaming movies, these are becoming less common in the bedroom.

Listening to music

For people who share a home or live in a smaller property, the bedroom may have to double up as a living room, especially if one member of the household wants to watch a particular program and another does not. This is true when it comes to music too. With streaming, music can be stored on a hard drive which is connected to a household television, and which, with the use of an interface, can allow the music to be played through the television.

However, a simpler audio solution for the bedroom is available in the form of portable mp3 players, such as the iPod. A docking station and speaker can easily be accommodated on a bedside table, or even on the opposite side of the room, thanks to the remote control that a dock is usually supplied with. But as with the bed stand with the built in TV, there is another, more luxurious choice – an iPod bed. Here, the bedframe appears quite ordinary, but it contains a speaker system that activates once the iPod is inserted into the dock. This allows the user to customize their personal bedroom space and their relaxation time accordingly.

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  1. A bedroom is no longer just a place to sleep but also a place to escape to for business or leisure, for this reason having the basic tech available is always useful so you can enjoy yourself or work comfortably.

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