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I must wonder what the picture will be like for a 5w LED with a lumens of 10-15 and projected image from 15" to 27". Never the less this is a great idea for small multimedia devices like the iPhone or the iPod. Hmm what about project a movie from your iPhone onto the ...

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Well, we can check off another missing feature from the iPhone (well, half check). Some of the biggest whining of the iPhone comes from the missing cut and paste feature. We can now put it somewhat to rest with a $3.99 app called MagicPad. The new iPhone application allows you select and paste text within ...

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Never fear, GE and Jasco can help! The GE Bluetooth® Home Stereo Transmitter and Receiver easily connects to any stereo via RCA jacks (3.5mm adapters included- ipod adapters?) A few minutes and your old Radio Shack clunker of a stereo you got when you graduated high school is ready to play your ...

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